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Production & Distribution


Card clothings are the most important accessory in a carding machine and their efficiency is responsible for the outcome of the whole carding process, and consequently also for the final spinning.

Aware of the importance of this article in the textile industry, BIOTTI card clothing has invested with the greatest commitment to constantly improve its quality.

Today, after more than 145 years of production, BIOTTI card clothing is able to offer a wide range of products of the highest quality, distributed worldwide through an efficient network of specialized agents, careful and prepared to meet all the needs of its Customers.

wollen carding machines

worsted carding machines

Flat carding machines

Raising and finishing machines

Special fillets

  • card clothing for silver – high pile – knitting machines
  • card clothing for yarn – raising machines
  • card clothing for fleece processing
  • hand cleaning cards
  • handles for hand
  • cleaning cards
  • gauges
  • fitting hammer
  • hooks and knives
  • end wire – nails – brushes
  • hand grindstones –
  • grindstones – grinding disks
  • clips for different uses